Never dispatch sensitive information across open lines!

  • Use my SecureDrop portal if you require anonymity and the highest level of security.
  • Use pgp/gpg encryption for other types of sensitive material of less controversial nature.
  • Use plaintext messaging for trivial correspondence when you don’t expect any trouble from writing to me.

Plaintext messaging

For harmless notes not subject to privacy issues.

Private email:
Work email:

Phone: +47 911 58 223 (also using Signal)


Twitter: @espena

PGP/GPG encryption

For securing the content of your message

If you’d like to contact me on sensitive matters, you can use encryption software such as GPGTools for OS X or Symantec PGP for Windows.

Email address:
My public key: 433f951b-public.asc

Key fingerprint

EA51 C0B5 8C66 61BD 04CB
28D6 BFA4 4D7B 433F 951B

SecureDrop portal

For secret communication

securedrop_logoUse SecureDrop to remain hard-to-trace in situations where your adversaries might start hunting for sources. You’ll need to use Tor to access the service.

You can find more information on my Tor landing page, at rkphrici4u5ffhhm.onion (open the onion address i Tor Browser).

Look for an internet café or library etc. and use their network when opening Tor. This way your regular ISP won’t register traces of Tor traffic in their server logs. Use your private computer only; never your employer’s!

The web locations below are made unclickable on purpose. Copy-and-paste the URLs instead, so that your browser doesn’t report this page as the referrer.

Follow these steps to access my SecureDrop implementation:

  1. Connect to internet from an internet café other than your regular hangout.
  2. Go to and download and install Tor.
  3. Open TorBrowser and copy-and-paste espenav2n45atpsj.onion into the address bar.

This is for contacting me personally. If you need to contact NRK’s newsroom in general, please use NRK’s SecureDrop implementation at

SecureDrop provides a secure platform for whistleblowers. The system is developed and maintained by Freedom of the Press Foundation. SecureDrop makes it very hard for adversaries to identify and locate the users.

Consult for more information.